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When only memories remain, let them be beautiful.

Serving Will, Grundy, DuPage, and Kendall Counties

Fax: 779-201-9297

If a Death Has Occurred Please call us at 1-815-714-9143. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The death of a loved one can come as a shock to surviving friends and family members. We understand how difficult this time can be, and offer our condolences and assistance in any way possible. Knowing what to do after a death can be difficult. If a death has occurred, use the steps below to start making arrangements for funeral services.

Death In A Medical Facility Or Under Supervised Care If a death has occurred in a medical facility or other supervised care, it is standard for the staff of the building to reach out to listed emergency contacts, as well as the necessary authorities. In the event a preferred funeral home has already been listed, the facility will also notify the funeral director at the time of death. Once notified, the funeral director will reach out to you and your family immediately to assist.

An Unanticipated Death At Home (Or Elsewhere) In the event an unexpected death occurs at work or at home, co-workers or family members should call 911 immediately; if needed, the individual’s primary care physician may also be called. After the responding authorities arrive, they will give you instructions regarding how to proceed.

At Need Form

If a death has occurred and you have yet to contact our office, please call 815-714-9143.
Do Not rely on this form for notification.

This is the way the name will appear on the death certificate.
This is the way the name will appear on the death certificate.
This is the way the name will appear on the death certificate.
The death certificate for the State of Illinois also asks for the race of the deceased.
The death certificate for the State of Illinois asks if the deceased is of Hispanic decent.
Please supply the deceased's birth date.

Most Recent Address of Decedent

This is the home address used for the deceased as the last known residence. This can be the nursing home address if the deceased was an in-patient for a longer period of time.
Facility Name
Select the legal marital status of the deceased.
Please enter the deceased social security number. This number must appear on the death certificate and when a record is registered it automatically sends a notification to Social Security Office and the number is taken out of circulation. If you are filing for benefits, you may still need to call Social Security and talk to a representative. If you do not have the SSN at this time just enter all 9's.
We need to be prepared when making a removal at a location.
Please list last known job or the job held for a majority of the deceased's life. Do not use retired. Use homemaker for a stay-at-home mom.
Please list the industry (i.e. retail, manufacturing, education, etc.) of the job title given above. Do not use the specific company the deceased worked for.

Please let us know if the deceased's father is living or deceased.

We need deceased's mother's maiden name for the death certificate. If unknown, use unavailable.
Please let us know if the deceased's mother is living or not.

Select the deceased's highest level of education.


 Health Care Power of Attorney form to give that person the right to make decisions about your loved one's funeral, cremation, burial, or anatomical donation too.  Health Care Power Of Attorney would be a legal authorizing agent before any family member.  If no Health Care POA, then spouse before children, children if no spouse, parents if no spouse or children, brothers, and sisters if no parents, no spouse and no children. If there are multiple children for example and no one holds Health Care POA, then all the children have equal rights and all will need to sign as authorized agents.

A Heath Care Power of Attorney has superior rights to any other relative of the deceased. We will need a copy of this document to proceed with the cremation authorization. If no one has a Health Care Power of Attorney then select No Health Care Power of Attorney and continue. The document will need to be reviewed to see if it contains disposition rights.

If no, continue to the next section
Was the deceased a veteran honorably discharged from military service?
The DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.
Please list memorials or charitable donations that you'd like listed in the obituary
A picture for our website obituary section and local newspaper.
John (Spouse) Doe or Cindy (Spouse) Doe, City, State
John (Spouse) Doe or Cindy (Spouse) Doe, City, State
Just enter First and last name. If Married John (spouse) Doe
Just enter First and last name. If Married John (spouse) Doe
Just enter First and last name. If Married John (spouse) Doe
Family members who have passed away before the decedent. example: Sister, Joan Doe, Father John Doe
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